This Lord’s Day

This Lord’s Day

Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs for this coming Sunday

The following is a list of the songs that will be sung in our worship service this coming Sunday. Clicking on the links in the song titles will provide you the lyrics and sheet music for the songs, as well as an audio link (usually on the left side of the page) where you can listen to the tune/melody of the hymn, psalm, or song.

This listing is provided by the Pastoral Staff for church members and families as a resource in order to better prepare for the upcoming Lord’s Day, as well as for use in private and family devotions.

Morning Worship for April 18: 

  1. Jesus Christ Is Risen Today
  2. The Power of the Cross
  3. Psalm 100C (tune)
  4. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
  5. Sermon: I Samuel 18:6-30 (Rev. Kyle Ferguson)

Evening Worship for April 18: 

  1. Lift Up, Lift Up Your Voice Now (tune)
  2. Psalm 19B (tune)
  3. O Sacred Head, Now Wounded
  4. Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted
  5. At the Lamb’s High Feast We Sing
  6. Sermon: We Preach Christ, Part 5: John 19:16-37  (Rev. Sean Morris)

Dealing with COVID-19

1. Sunday School for all ages continues to be available. Because of lower Sunday School attendance, the ‘downstairs’ adult Sunday School class will join the ‘upstairs’ adult Sunday School class and meet in the fellowship Hall to allow room for social distancing. There will be no coffee/donuts before Sunday school. Please feel free to bring your own coffee. Per current state recommendations, the drinking fountain is also unavailable.

2. The Nursery is open and staffed.

3. Restrooms upstairs and downstairs are open. Please use your judgment to practice social distancing when you are waiting or are in the restroom.

4. Children’s Church will not be offered. However, after months of quarantine, hearing the noise of children is a wonderful blessing!

5. The glass doors on the backside of the entryway/narthex area are equipped with an automatic door opener. It is not even necessary to touch the door handles. The doors on the front/Peters Creek Road side of the entryway/narthex do not have an automatic door opener, but the door handle from outside only needs to be pulled not actually turned. When leaving through the doors to go outside, the doors only require being pushed open from the inside.

6. An Offering Plate will not be passed during the service. Instead, the offering plates will be situated on the table in the back of the Sanctuary. Feel free to place your tithes and offering in the plates as you enter or leave the Sanctuary. Checks may also still be mailed to the church office, 2216 Peters Creek Road. Online Electronic Giving has also been set up through the PCA Foundation at Bank drafts are free, Credit Cards may be charged a fee by the credit card provider.

7. As you select your seat in the Sanctuary, please remember that the times of singing are the most likely time for the virus to be spread. Please space yourselves out in the Sanctuary accordingly. There is plenty of room, so please practice social distancing.

8. When the service is over, please do not feel the need to rush out. Instead, while practicing social distancing, fellowship with one another. Due to the tight quarters of the narthex/entryway/hallway, it is recommended that you fellowship in the sanctuary, fellowship hall, or outside.

9. The governor has asked everyone to wear a mask to church. Please remember that the purpose of a mask is not to keep you from getting sick but to keep you from unintentionally infecting someone else if you are sick but not aware that you have the illness. Please show love to your neighbor by wearing a mask. If you are not wearing a mask, we will simply assume that you have a health related issue that prohibits you from wearing one.

10. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building.

11. Services are live-streamed and can be found at at Recorded past services are still posted.

12. For the time being, Wednesday night Devotions and Prayer will still take place via conference call. Simply pick up the phone at 7 p.m. and dial (844) 855-4444. When prompted, enter code 381741. Introduce yourself after the tone so everyone knows you are a part of the call. We may not be together physically, but at least we can hear one another and gather for prayer.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the church office or one of the elders. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.