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Here are a few links relevant to our discussion from the Justified By Faith Alone DVD, namely exploring the differences between the Roman Catholic and the Protestant understanding of justification.

Are We Together? by RC Sproul:

The Council of Trent’s (Roman Catholic Council which met from 1545–1563) Canons (or Declarations) on Justification:

The Good Use of Old Testament Law

Oftentimes in discussion of “The Law”, the Law gets a bad rep because it is assumed that the Old Testament Law only served negative purposes: to convict, and condemn, and discourage. While we certainly affirm that Christ fulfilled the demands of the Law on behalf of his people, it is good to be aware that because it is God’s Law, like God himself, it is intrinsically good. The Law in the Old Testament served good, positive, and useful purposes.

In the following sermon, Dr Ligon Duncan explains how the Old Testament Laws served a practical purpose, a theological purpose (they teach us something about God), and, ultimately, a Christological purpose (they point us to Jesus Christ). The following sermon (the whole of which is worth a listen!) helpfully explains those ideas in the first 31:30 minutes: