As with any church body, each age group plays an important role in the overall life and viability of the church. Our “Seniors” are no different. The name of the Seniors’ Sunday School Class best describes who they are, “The Faithful Followers.” Westminster is proud of the fact that while our youngest attender is only two, the oldest member of the congregation is ninety-five! These Seniors have indeed been “Faithful Followers” for more years than most of us have been alive. In many churches, Seniors often take a back seat as though their time is past. But not at Westminster! The Faithful Followers truly are the heart and soul of Westminster as they use their life experience in the faith and their Godly wisdom to mentor and disciple those chronologically younger. Few special events are ever planned or orchestrated at Westminster without the input and leadership of the Faithful Followers. You will always find these wise men and women of God active on the Mercy Committee, visiting shut-ins, delivering flowers, serving on the Missions Committee, participating on Summer Mission Trips, teaching Sunday School, or busy in the kitchen. Without the Faithful Followers, Westminster would not even be a quarter of what it truly is!

JOIN US FOR BREAKFAST! The event most looked forward to is the Faithful Followers Breakfast held every third Thursday of the month at the Famous Anthony’s on Williamson Road. But don’t let the name fool you. This breakfast is not just for Seniors; rather, all ages are are invited to come and join the camaraderie over breakfast.