Prayer Ministry

Our prayer ministry also reaches out to the local community, though perhaps in a less visible way.  The church is firmly committed to praying for God’s work in our lives and the lives our neighbors.  In particular, we welcome anyone who plans or has already gone to visit Planned Parenthood, located just on the other side of Peters Creek Road from our church building.  We do not offer judgement, only prayer for those who are hurting.

You are welcome to join us on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. as we pray for our church’s work in the community and around the world during our weekly Prayer Meeting.

Charles Spurgeon, the 19th century London preacher, learned what it was to cooperate with God and see His power transform many thousands of people over several decades.  People often traveled to his church to learn the secret of his success.  When visitors would come to Spurgeon’s church he would take them to the basement prayer-room where people were always on their knees interceding.  He called this prayer-room the powerhouse of the church.  “If the engine room is out of action,” Spurgeon explains, “then the whole mill will grind to a halt.  We cannot expect blessing if we do not ask.”

Prayer is an important part of our Sunday morning worship service as well. There is basket for prayer requests in the rear of the sanctuary and elders are always available after the service for more private prayer.