Westside Elementary

For the last six or seven years, Westminster has maintained a strategic emphasis on outreach to Westside Elementary school, just down the street from our church building. For several years, groups of students have come to Westminster for tutoring and an after-school program. As Westside has established its own tutoring and after-school programs for its students, Westminster’s outreach has adapted. Now, it is the goal of Westminster to be present on the Westside campus whenever possible, encouraging teachers through donuts and pastries, participating in booster events, being a part of the CIA (Churches in Action) program at the school, helping out with school activities, and being a part of Westside as much as possible. We want to make a positive difference in our community as we live out the love of Jesus at our local public elementary school.

Westside is always looking for volunteers to help with their monthly Pack-a-Snack program, a program in cooperation with the Roanoke Food Bank where food is sent home once a month with selected students in need. Volunteers are needed for about two hours to help pack the food in backpacks and deliver the backpacks to about 40 students in their classrooms.  Speak to Kyle if you would like to participate. Westside also takes donations of non-perishable food items for this endeavor.

Westside welcomes volunteers who wish to help with their after school tutoring program or to assist teachers during the day. Again, please see Kyle to pick up a Westside Volunteer Application.