Our Leadership

Pastor, Kyle Ferguson

Rev. Kyle Ferguson was installed as pastor at Westminster in early 2013, moving with his wife, Michelle, and children from Wisconsin. The Ferguson clan includes six children: Ciara, Elayna, Tyler, Aubrey, Kaleb, and Amaria. A graduate of Trinity College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois, Kyle was ordained as a PCA Teaching Elder in 2008, following in the footsteps of his father, Rev. James E. Ferguson, and his grandfather, Rev. H. James Ferguson. Prior to pastoring Westminster, Kyle served as Youth Director and then Pastor of Family Ministries at Cornerstone Presbyterian in Delafield, Wisconsin under Rev. Christopher Vogel from 2001-2013. As for the summer of 2016, Kyle is pursuing a PhD in Old Testament from Midwestern Seminary (MBTS) in Kansas City, Missouri. In additional to pastoral duties and academic pursuits, Kyle is also a chaplain with Roanoke City Fire-EMS and Roanoke County Fire and Rescue. In his free time, Kyle enjoys spending time with his family, running, working on his house, and trying to read all the books in his library.

Associate Pastor, Sean Morris

Sean completed his Master of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi in December of 2014. Upon ordination in May of 2015, Sean began to serve as Westminster’s Associate Pastor. Born and raised along America’s snowbelt in North Kingsville, Ohio, Sean attended Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania, earning his BA in Biblical and Religious Studies. Sean has also served as stated pulpit supply for Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church in Natchez, Mississippi (the oldest Presbyterian church in that state, dating back to 1807), and as an intern to the Senior Minister at First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi, serving under both Dr. J. Ligon Duncan and Dr. David Strain. Additionally, he served as an Honors Scholar and Teaching Assistant for the Academic Dean and the Chancellor during his time at RTS. He has also taught at West Africa Reformed Seminary in Gambia. As of the summer of 2016, Sean is pursuing an MTh (Master of Theology) degree with a view toward a PhD in Historical Theology in Scottish Theology and Church History from Edinburgh Theological Seminary and the University of Glasgow. Sean also works with the Blue Ridge Institute for Theological Education (BRITE), serving as the Academic Dean.

Beyond theology, writing, and good literature, Sean is passionate about good coffee and the works of J.S. Bach. He has even been known to dabble on the pipe organ occasionally–preferably when no one is within earshot. He writes every now and again for the cultural journal, Humane Pursuits and Ad Fontes, the journal of the Davenant Trust. Sean and his wife, Sarah, have two sons, Benjamin and Gabriel, and an adorably useless beagle, Max.

Secretary, Linda Rowe

The world’s greatest church secretary, Linda Rowe, as served in this position for two years, having served as Westminster church secretary in the past. She and her husband, Joe, attend Community Church. Her office hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:30 to 4:30 a.m. When not in the office, she is either with her granddaughter or her dog.

The Elders

Westminster is overseen by a group of men responsible for prayerfully leading and directing the ministry of the church. These men are called Elders and together make up a governing body called the Session. The Elders currently serving on the Session at Westminster are Teaching Elders Kyle Ferguson and Sean Morris, and Ruling Elders Dan Edwards and Mark Heath (class of ’18) and Doug Coordes (Class of ’19). The session meets regularly once a month, generally on the last Sunday afternoon.

The Deacons

Not only is Westminster led and served by the Elders, a second group of men known as the Deacons serve behind the scenes, handling the physical needs of Westminster and overseeing mercy ministries in and out of Westminster. Current deacons are Dave Young (class of ’20), and Ben Heath (class of ’18). The Deacons meet regularly on the last Sunday afternoon of the month.